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Foreign investment in Pakistan fell by 26 percent Special Occasion Dresses UK in first quarter

Le 20 October 2014, 03:49 dans Humeurs 0


Islamabad: Foreign investment in Pakistan fell in the first quarter of the current fiscal year starting from July 1 despite the government efforts to invite investors from the Arab world and China, a media report said on Saturday.

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    What is more worrisome is the size of FDI which is almost negligible if compared with regional countries like India, China and Bangladesh.

    Pakistan received just USD 169 million FDI, which shows that no serious investor turned towards this country.

    Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, himself Special Occasion Dresses UK a business tycoon, visited many countries to attract investment, but he is yet to see positive results of his efforts.

    During the current fiscal year, foreign investment from friendly counties like Saudi Arabia and China was in the negative. They withdrew USD 3.9 million and USD 14.6 million, respectively, during the quarter.

    Most of investment came from European countries US and Hong Kong. The highest amount of USD 43 million was invested by Hong Kong, more than 25 percent of the total investment of USD 169 million.

    Other significant investments like USD 41.5 million and USD 36.6 million came from US and UK respectively.

    Other European countries like Switzerland, Italy and France, also invested in Pakistan.

    However, size of investment dropped to the lowest level in the last 10 years of Pakistan which is damaging the image of the country in the global market.

    The country is under pressure of external obligations, like debt-servicing which rose to about USD 7 billion in FY-14.

    This trend is highly dangerous for a country which receives negligible foreign investment while it is more critical that outflow as dividend and profits on previous investments, surpassed the FDI.

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India committed to work closely with Afghanistan: Pranab Mukherjee

Le 18 October 2014, 05:24 dans Humeurs 0


New Delhi : President Pranab Mukherjee said Thursday India was "committed to working closely with Afghanistan" and wanted it to act as a bridge between south and central Asia.

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    ""We also share your vision of an Afghanistan that is fully integrated in south Asia, acting as a bridge between south Asia and central Asia and beyond. I sincerely believe that our bilateral relationship will continue to contribute positively to peace, stability and development in our neighbourhood in the years to come," said Pranab.

    Mukherjee said “the statesmanship and leadership shown by all Afghan political leaders and, in particular Ahmadzai himself, had been instrumental in creating the conditions for the historic and peaceful transition from one democratically elected government in Afghanistan to another.”

    "On behalf of India, I wish to convey my warm greetings and my best wishes as you assume the office of the president, a country with which India has a strategic partnership and a civilisational relationship," the president said.

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